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Final stage ‘yes we are ready’ (for the season) Day 24

Yes it’s nearly here now

Special time with family 

Togetherness reins and how

As another door is opened by a unique key
Unlock the spirit to always care

Survival through effort allows us to cope

We see you all at yours , here and there 

Aiming for the target of fervent hope…
Happy Christmas 

J W Nelson 

December 2016

Stage 4 ‘ready and waiting’ (for the season) Day 21

Let’s hunker around the t.v.

Grab a drink, maybe some beer or wine

Christmas equals everyone and me

Celebrating the season is divine…
JW Nelson 

December 2016

Stage 3 ‘Readily..’ (for the season) Day 16


Time to get your things

Time to pray and give thanks

Time now for the choir to sing

Time to make those xmas plans


Time to figure out if you believe

Time to remain above the fray

Time to give and hopefully receive

Time to celebrate The Christmas Day?


J W Nelson

December 2016



Stage 3 ‘In Readiness’ (for the season) Day 14


Relax,  exhale, breathe

Shiver, twitch, distract

Wait, work, reveal

Food, stomach, attract…


J W Nelson

December 2016

Stage 2 ‘Preparations’ (for the season) Day 9


Yes its supposed to be a virtue

Good things come to those who wait

A couple of weeks in lieu

The 25th is coming, so remember that date…


© J W Nelson 2016

Stage 2 ‘preparations'(for the season) Day 6

Inside or out set the tone

Let everyone know it’s time

The decorations are up around our homes

As we ready the turkey and mulled wine…

© J W Nelson 2016


Stage 1 For the season (day 3)

The anticipation begins to build

Trees going up sets the tone

As we dress up the green

They are a sight to be seen

Shining hope into all our homes

© J W Nelson 2016


Stage 1 for the Season(the first few days)

The first calendar window reveals

Our elf deserves a taste

Will the 2nd window gift appeal?

Be patient and not make haste…


© J W Nelson 2016

All together now?

Are we really?

Doesn’t seem like it any more

Words cannot express how;

To save your life you play dead on the floor


Are these events last week Paris

The tipping point in this thousand years war

The undercurrent simmering like a now erupting volcano

For which we’d better find an ice cold cure


Are we really all that different

Aren’t we blood, veins, muscle and sinew?

Do we vent like Andrew Neil

In an verbal attempt to not let this madness continue


Are we preventing rather than cure

Getting to the root, planting the right seeds

A careful, meticulous response is a possible thrust

In hopes of developing non-violent, religious agnostic deed


Are we the last generation to consume

Such vociferous, rabid disdain and utter hate

The mind boggles at the inhumanity displayed

There’s nothing we want to eat now that’s on our plate


Are we going to find answers in; bombs; bullets; diplomacy?

Whatever shape or form they might be

Look to the US, UK, China, Russia, France, the UN etal

The eyes of the world have been opened for all to see


Are we to view the horizon with genuine hope

A conglomeration of the best minds, tactics and strategy

Getting to very heart of a fiercely religious, dedicated group

A solution lies in educating the youngest of babies


So are we really all together?

This HAS to be resolved in the time to come

Every facet of human existence must be exhausted

We all deserve to walk freely and not have to run


Are we there yet?

There is much strength and endurance in a feather

A whisper in the right ear can be heard across the globe

It’s message rings out loud ‘We are ALL together’




The Flight of Dance

Eyes transfixed, looking from the top down

Mesmerised as bodies intertwined

His with hers, hers with his

They were only of one mind

                   An expectant audience drew breath

                     As her head hurtled towards the dance-floor

A safe pair of arms and hands

Could not deny her aura anymore

Two turns, bodies completely in sync

Her hypnotic sweet odour consumed

For him to never let her go

As though they were the only two people in the room

She slid furtively across his back

He spun on his toes to face

Inches apart, hearts beating

They drew closer, ready for their embrace

Intensely their fingers interlock

Gripped by unbridled emotions

She leaps like a gazelle

It was poetry in motion

The final curtain call arrives

Finely balanced like a bird on a beam

Did time fly palpably so fast?

And was this dance just another dream…