About J W Nelson

Hello – I’m J W Nelson.

This is me (short version) – don’t get too excited..

  1. Father (2 children), husband, plus Jack Russell Terrier (pet dog)
  2. Would be writer, poet, blogger, social media trainee..
  3. Dancer (as in Strictly or Dance with the Stars), DJ, music lover, piano player(?)
  4. I write about family, friendship, love, loss, children’s adventures and imaginative stories for everyone from age 3 to 93!
  5. Here is the fuller length ‘blurb’ about me below…

Born in Birmingham (the UK’s 2nd biggest city) in 1968 into a large family (2 brothers and 3 sisters) I quickly learnt the love for writing. Being the youngest boy didn’t hinder me any way, in fact I had my ‘feed’ of information, for potential stories amongst my immediate and extended family.

By the time I had turned eleven years old I was writing short stories and hearing them read out among my fellow pupils, particularly by Mr Hancock, my English teacher. Since those early years I continued to write, giving birth to numerous manuscripts, ideas and unfulfilled dreams. Years later I have completed several full length books

“Company of Fools” (a comedy drama – available on Amazon) – https://www.amazon.com/COMPANY-FOOLS-Selling-Tricky-Business/dp/B08GFS1W18/ (paperback) – also available in e-book

A Poetry e-book (available on amazon – called Poems for the Festive Season – https://www.amazon.com/Poems-Festive-Season-J-Nelson-ebook/dp/B00Q3C4BEU/

And just released my Young Adult Adventure mystery – Pentagon Pirate Gang; The Secret of the Orchard – https://www.amazon.com/Pentagon-Pirate-Gang-Secret-Orchard/dp/1800942745/ (will be available in book shops too) paperback / e-book also available

My goal, my passion is to write across the age groups and genres starting with topics that I know a lot about (Company of Fools is a one Salesman’s journey to find love and a good job – I have been in sales for over 25 years – or Crime of The Century – which is about a computer coder/hacker group who threaten the world’s global security at the turn of the century – most of my sales career has been in I.T.).

My other passion in writing is Poetry (as you see on this site). My poetry (including partaking in a Poetry course) is about the world around me, around us, people, films, emotions, working, school, travel, children and how my children felt about COVID 19. The pool is endless of topics to add a poetic prose to. (see some examples on my site).

I have joined and continue read helpful advice notes using Writers Uni/ Vocal / Curtis Brown Creative classes/Twitter – linking up /following  other Literary agents/publishers /part of Network 32 – online platform seeking content that could be used for TV or film and I’m currently reading ‘Story’  – by Robert McKee –  a book about Screenwriting. I have written a lot of poetry and have used this to create several (what would be) children’s picture books (I’m don’t have any illustrative skills however).

As a married man now with two young children I’m kept busy with managing my responsibilities coupled with a busy, sometime stressful job. I’m a football coach, I dance (like Strictly style), ferry my children to all sorts of activities, try to read, watch films, hence there are gaps in my pushing my projects forward for publication.

However my desire has never waned and now since taking a writing tips courses (Writers University) I hope to sharpen my query letters, improve my writing, plus be more targeted to include, the hooks, the conflicts, characters that grow and develop, and add something that is unique or approaching a topic from a different angle to garner interest, intrigue and the agents/readers wanting more.

With so many ideas for so many books, I have to steady myself to approach each project, whether for age 2-8, (picture books – poetic based), Middle Grade (I have completed – Pentagon Pirate Gang & the Secret of the Orchard – the 1st in a series of 5 books) or Adult books (Crime of The Century (Trilogy) and Company of Fools.

Lets see what the future holds.

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