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Christmas MEAT (ING)…

Stuff the Turkey

Roast the Chicken

Goose fat ‘tatoes are murky

Tasty though, they’re finger lickin’


Luscious leg of Lamb

Georgous side of Gammon

Sausages wrapped in ham

Oh, and don’t forget the freshly caught Salmon


Pluck the Pheasant, Goose or Duck

Tantalise taste buds with some wine based jus

Order now, or be out of luck

Supplant the potatoes  with Cous Cous?


Not just meat, we all need greens

Broccoli and Brussels light up our plate

The earth will be a better place to be seen

In the global food climate debate


Add some carrots, roast parsnips too

Compliment the diet with a variety in types of sauce

A tender cut of beautiful Beef wont make you moo

Just make sure that your’e not eating horse…


Complete your prep, with a sweet tooth in mind

Cream, pastry, chocolate are on the festive menu

Look hard enough and I’m sure you’ll find

Some of us searching for the loo!


Christmas is now around the bend

Prepare well, include plenty of seating

Seek out the tablets to put you on the mend

As you partake in your chosen Christmas MEAT (ing)!


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The Flight of Dance

Eyes transfixed, looking from the top down

Mesmerised as bodies intertwined

His with hers, hers with his

They were only of one mind

                   An expectant audience drew breath

                     As her head hurtled towards the dance-floor

A safe pair of arms and hands

Could not deny her aura anymore

Two turns, bodies completely in sync

Her hypnotic sweet odour consumed

For him to never let her go

As though they were the only two people in the room

She slid furtively across his back

He spun on his toes to face

Inches apart, hearts beating

They drew closer, ready for their embrace

Intensely their fingers interlock

Gripped by unbridled emotions

She leaps like a gazelle

It was poetry in motion

The final curtain call arrives

Finely balanced like a bird on a beam

Did time fly palpably so fast?

And was this dance just another dream…

EARTH Mother, LOVETH Other

Spiritual holiness does she emit

Patient, comforting forgiveness pours out

Oh how blessed is her radiation that atomises us

Powerful, uncompromising tenacity imbues the mind to turn away from the pit

Righteous discipline, voices quietly, without

Alas, through biblical motherly love we are saved, thus