A CHILD IS BORN (from Poems for the Festive Season)

Your day or reckoning is here! – well that is a little melodramatic – but yes its a day of hopeful joy, togetherness and time with loved ones. Enjoy yours as best you can. Happy Christmas and new year to you all.

A Child is Born

A  story from far, far away

Told of a young baby born in hay

Surrounded by the spirit of power

That came down from heaven in an invisible shower


It was cold everywhere outside

No one wanted to help, instead they’d hide

Keeping mother and baby at bay

Until kindness showed them where they could stay


Little did anyone but a few know

The prince that god through Mary did bestow

A future to help save sinful mankind

A role of great importance it would not be a bind


The carrier of peace in his heart

He would do this right from the start

Doing all he could across the world

To man, woman, boy and girl


At this time special time of year

We do well to remember; to shed a tear

For an ultimate sacrifice displayed

The debt of our sins, he paid


Let’s not mourn but celebrate

By honouring, not to berate

Joining family, friends and the needy

Reflecting on not becoming too greedy


Share amongst the magic of this time

With good food and maybe some wine

The universal spirit that from this will spawn

Brings us back to why the child was born.

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