The Big Day (from Poems for the Festive Season)

Its the day before. Anticipation reins supreme in many households across the globe. This year that anticipation may well be tempered by what we’ve had to endure. Yet as the cliché line states ‘ life goes on’ or in some cases ‘ the show must go on’, as we do this we remember the fallen, and quietly appreciate what we have.

The Big Day 

With patient trepidation

The big day finally arrives

 Partaken by the Christian nation

Whatever we do is no longer a surprise


The children awake early

Eager and excited as can be

Wives and girlfriends rise to the yearning

‘I wander what he’s got me?’


Then to the presents to unveil

Our patience is tested once again

Some expressions go from pink to pale

As the gifts are ranked one out of ten


The kitchen is now the key

Too many cooks to spoil?

The pressure mounts on you and me

As we haven’t used enough oil


The grand meal is served on time

The drinks have flowed all day

We cooked turkey and fish with a squeeze of lime

There is enough to last until May


Pulling crackers and wearing silly hats

All part of the Christmas theme

Stories regaled about this and that

Becomes the after dinner Christmas scene


Drunk with booze, full with food

Everyone goes through the motions

The effort of getting in the annual Christmas mood

Must be the best secret of many a potion…                

December 24th 2020

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