Qualities of Life (for a Happy New Year!)

QUALITIES OF LIFE (all year round)

               Always be tidy

              Always be clean

              Always be generous

              Never be mean


              Do your best for your neighbour

              Do your best for your friends

              Do your best for all concerned         

              And respect for you will never end


              Try to be humble

              Try to be meek

              Try to be reasonable

              As this is what we all seek


              We strive for perfection

              We strive to do our very best

              We strive for all our lives

              To pass life’s hardest test


              To live with one another

              In peace and harmony

              If we each do our little bit

              Then maybe one day-we’ll all be free…

Wishing everyone across the globe the happiest of new years considering were most of us are. Keeping a positive frame of mind as much as we can for ourselves and each other. J W Nelson.

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