All together now?

Are we really?

Doesn’t seem like it any more

Words cannot express how;

To save your life you play dead on the floor


Are these events last week Paris

The tipping point in this thousand years war

The undercurrent simmering like a now erupting volcano

For which we’d better find an ice cold cure


Are we really all that different

Aren’t we blood, veins, muscle and sinew?

Do we vent like Andrew Neil

In an verbal attempt to not let this madness continue


Are we preventing rather than cure

Getting to the root, planting the right seeds

A careful, meticulous response is a possible thrust

In hopes of developing non-violent, religious agnostic deed


Are we the last generation to consume

Such vociferous, rabid disdain and utter hate

The mind boggles at the inhumanity displayed

There’s nothing we want to eat now that’s on our plate


Are we going to find answers in; bombs; bullets; diplomacy?

Whatever shape or form they might be

Look to the US, UK, China, Russia, France, the UN etal

The eyes of the world have been opened for all to see


Are we to view the horizon with genuine hope

A conglomeration of the best minds, tactics and strategy

Getting to very heart of a fiercely religious, dedicated group

A solution lies in educating the youngest of babies


So are we really all together?

This HAS to be resolved in the time to come

Every facet of human existence must be exhausted

We all deserve to walk freely and not have to run


Are we there yet?

There is much strength and endurance in a feather

A whisper in the right ear can be heard across the globe

It’s message rings out loud ‘We are ALL together’




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