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The Journey (the 4th in the Tube Traveller Diaries)


st panc

Where I arrive and leave…


Where to start

maybe at the beginning

Train was late

Left my head spinning


worried about the underground

headache on the way

change of plans in effect

Taxi – is now the order of the day


missed the rocking and rolling

the warm stuffy atmosphere

missed the close proximity

of not being on board there




exit St. Pancras

waiting ages for mr. black cab

we debated the scrouge of Mr Uber

the conversation was anything but drab



heading for a Brunei owned park lane hotel

I only do upmarket you see

the doorman open my taxi door

there I was, out stepped, little old me


the deed was done

the return was now planned

Green Park Tube was calling me

for today however; the tube was banned

green park

The name actually makes sense…parks are usually green…

maybe on another day

me and my TFL travellers will unite

enjoying the flexible JOURNEY

that operates any day and any night..


The Tube Traveller Returns (2nd in the Tube Traveller Diaries)

there's more underneath than above...

there’s more underneath than above…

Yes i’m back like Arnie

Sitting next to suited man eating his sarnie

The tube rocks this way and that

As the painted lady opposite loses her ascot style hat

The reader person buries their head in a book

The nervous tube rider doesn’t know where to look

The drooling old man, slides on to the shoulder of the women next door

Her perfume turns him on more and more

The hi-vis jacket looks on talking to his mate

Ready to hit the sites on time – cannot afford to be late

The college student check their mobile phone

Typing frantically, totally engaged, always ‘in the zone’

The tourists enter looking for a way out

London’s an easy city to navigate – that i have no doubt

There’s usually a helper, just be careful who you ask

Your choice may leave you having to wear a mask

Yes a mask to hide your false indignation

You play like you don’t understand, as you’re from another nation

Those riders exist in every corner of our travelling sphere

A sharp hard looking face that they want us all to fear

Never mind, the smiling riders operate with consummate glee

Replacing the misery guts, they don’t charge a fee

The busy, hectic rider checks their watch looking fraught

The smiling group can’t help them out, there are other battles to be fought

The relaxed rider, does this every day, sitting all smug and composed

So often in fact they can miss their stop, as they’ve had their eyes closed

Not so for the city man or woman, in their suit, tie, or skirt

When the tube reaches bank or moorgate, they are always ready and alert

The wandering eye man, circumvents the direct stare

The college female students better watch out, better beware

The opportunist take their chance to stay close

What they do afterwards I can only call verbose

So my journey observations leave me all mixed up inside

What I truly want to tell you, i’m afraid from you all i’ll have to hide

When my next travelling adventure beckons i do not know when

I hope and trust you won’t mind hearing from me again.

Tube Traveller (the first from ‘The Tube Traveller Diaries’)

Tube Traveller (1)

All hot and sweaty
Packed like sardines
The time against you is heavy
As you race to the citidines

Herded into our mobile barns
We push shove and squeeze
Our bags rub against the finest yarns
Then we shower it with an eruptive sneeze

Not far now you say
The next stops are Bank and Moorgate
You hold on tight as tube sways
Knowing that you might now be late

It comes to a grinding halt
You crash into the finely adorned lady
Raising your hands ‘its not my fault’
It comes across as a little bit shady

She exits, more bodies come aboard
Its an endless of sea of creatures
In Paris its no better at Gare du Nord
Too many ways out is one of its redeeming features

Not to worry we continue to move
Bodies shift, sway this way and that
There’s never any time to lose
You remain standing just because the carriage is packed

You notice heads down in books
You may catch a wandering eye
You notice the odd indifferent looks
You notice the ones that avoid a smile

In their own little world
You imagine what they might think
You wander how their day will unfurl
What’s their connection to our existence-their link

The forecast for your arrival is nigh
Maybe a little faith will hold true
The possibility of being late is high
Maybe a little prayer will have to do?

So the journey continues without a mind
The city still needs to be fed
It will only reveal what you want to find
As you work while everyone is in bed…