The Bond Poetic – Episode 1.8 ‘Let me Live!’

Following on the heels of George Lazenby after spending years playing ‘The Saint’ on our TV screens – Roger Moore steps up as the ‘new’ 007 with his own ‘slick’ style of portraying the global superspy…

This and all episodes of the Bond Poetic are available as a Podcast (via Anchor/Spotify) and available on other podcast platforms like Apple and Google.)

Let me Live!

It was in June 1973

A new ‘ Bond’ came to the fore

No more Sean Connery

Hello & welcome to Mr Roger Moore

No more global spectre games

Local issues are now the fight

Drugs are the target; the aim

007 meets a new ‘dark knight’

He is big; the ruler of San Monique

He uses ‘magic’ to threaten and scare

His methods are indeed unique

Bond may have something new to fear

The UN is the centre of attention

Kanaga ‘Whispers’ into the big apple too;

Bond comes close to his perdition

He now knows what he needs to do

What is the future for 007?

What does the Tarot card say?

Will it be hell or heaven?

Will he find out without delay?

Who is this mysterious Solitaire?

The cards tell a different story

Rosie’s life is now ashes, in the air

Mr Big, moves on; in search of glory

Two faces become one

Mr Big and Kanaga are the same

The ‘white powder’ must be undone

We now know who to blame

Solitaire loses her gifts & charm

Samedi is called to make sacrifice

Bond skips the crocs ; they do him no harm

Who says crocodiles can’t be nice

Samedi meets his doom

In a ‘coffin’ of poisonous snakes

Kanaga’s gassed and fills the room

His remains are cleared up with a rake

Leiter sorts out the lovebirds

The last train by the CIA host

When nothing could be more absurd;

Then Samedi returning; as the ‘laughing ghost’…

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