The Bond Poetic – Episode 1.7 ‘Yes Your Majesty’

A new 007 takes to the stage in the form of George Lazenby – this would be his only first and only Bond film – the 7th in the franchise.

This and all episodes of the Bond Poetic are available as a Podcast (via Anchor/Spotify) and available on other podcast platforms like Apple and Google.)

Yes, Your Majesty

A new Bond stands centre stage

He is anything but Lazy

Following Flemings every page

The Swiss scenery might leave you hazy

It’s Blofeld, now the Telly (aka Kojak)

The goal; global food poverty

No fear; Bond has a Columbo Mac

Just one last question is the key

Bond meets and saves the fallen lady

He survives his usual scrapes

Her father worries about his baby

Bond agrees to be her date

Draco is a link to finding ESB

Bond is in love taking his breath

12 women seem as happy as can be

Bond learns; they are the ‘angels of death’

A proposal of marriage follows

Amidst the ever impending doom

Something genuine; never hollow

You can feel ending coming soon

A snowy backdrop is left behind

Bond and wife escape and are free

The last twist of the knife,  Bond did find

It’s time for perdition for the lovely Tracy…

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