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The Bond Poetic – Episode 1.11 ‘To the Moon (and Back?)’

007 takes to the air to stop another madman wiping out life on earth and substitute it for one in space…

All episodes of the Bond Poetic are available as a Podcast (via Anchor/Spotify) and available on other podcast platforms like Apple and Google.)

To the Moon (and Back?)

On land, sea and now into the skies

Fleming took us towards the stars

Moore returns, there’s no surprise

With a shaken Martini at the bar

This time space is the game

That stolen NASA shuttle rocket

Bond takes a dive out of a plane

Picking a parachute out of a pocket

Without delay Bond faces Drax

The Centrifuge chamber becomes the test

At over 4G’s will bond collapse?

Goodhead to the rescue; doing her best

A tiny vial is the all important key

Drax’s plan is to use a gas

Rio de Janeiro is the place to flee

Bond better catch up – fast!

Jaws steps into the fray

A cable car fight ensues

Goodhead is caught;what a day

007 lives on; that’s the news

The amazon provides a secret

A rare toxin from a rare plant

Jaws seizes Bond; their plan is set 

Drax is a giant; Bond is the ant

The Moonrakers launch into space

Bond and Goodhead miss the heat

Finally they learn his plan; face to face

It’s another madman they’ll have to defeat

Obliterate all human life

Utilise the genetic clones

A ‘master race’ free from strife

Something Bond could not condone

Jaws and Dolly do not measure up

An about turn helps the good side

Drax meets an end, short and abrupt

As Bond and Goodhead take a ‘space ride’…