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The Bond Poetic – Episode 1.12 ‘The Eyes have it…’

Sheena Easton sang the theme tune to this latest Bond movie – as 007 faces one of many enemies again…

All episodes of the Bond Poetic are available as a Podcast (via Anchor/Spotify) and available on other podcast platforms like Apple and Google.)

The ‘Eyes’ have it…

The helicopter scene strikes again

Is Blofeld really still alive?

They disturbed  his memory; his pain

Of the night his wife, Tracy; died

Put that behind you Bond

The ATAC system is the new goal

Facing the new task; not to abscond

The chase will make you whole

Across the Med to Greece we go

Russia is also on the move

Gogol is after the prize he can show

There’s always no time to lose

A new trail leeds to the hitman

Spain is now the location

The hitman get hit; its poetry in motion

Melina and Bond have a new vocation

Italy with Ferrara; now takes centre stage

Chasing down the ‘Dove’

Escaping death is on the next page

Will Bibi Dahl and Bond fall in love?

A complex web is being to weave

Kristatos, Columbo, Locque enter the mix

Who is who, who is it to deceive?

Is this something 007 can fix?

Who is really behind the plot?

The old enemy rises; yes the KGB

Locque’s car takes a dive; that’s his lot

Bond finds ATAC; at the bottom of the sea

Columbo, Melina and Bond make a final bid

See off Kriegler and Kristatos to boot

Gogol misses out on lifting the lid

Of ATAC’s secrets and it’s loot…

The Bond Poetic – Episode 1.11 ‘To the Moon (and Back?)’

007 takes to the air to stop another madman wiping out life on earth and substitute it for one in space…

All episodes of the Bond Poetic are available as a Podcast (via Anchor/Spotify) and available on other podcast platforms like Apple and Google.)

To the Moon (and Back?)

On land, sea and now into the skies

Fleming took us towards the stars

Moore returns, there’s no surprise

With a shaken Martini at the bar

This time space is the game

That stolen NASA shuttle rocket

Bond takes a dive out of a plane

Picking a parachute out of a pocket

Without delay Bond faces Drax

The Centrifuge chamber becomes the test

At over 4G’s will bond collapse?

Goodhead to the rescue; doing her best

A tiny vial is the all important key

Drax’s plan is to use a gas

Rio de Janeiro is the place to flee

Bond better catch up – fast!

Jaws steps into the fray

A cable car fight ensues

Goodhead is caught;what a day

007 lives on; that’s the news

The amazon provides a secret

A rare toxin from a rare plant

Jaws seizes Bond; their plan is set 

Drax is a giant; Bond is the ant

The Moonrakers launch into space

Bond and Goodhead miss the heat

Finally they learn his plan; face to face

It’s another madman they’ll have to defeat

Obliterate all human life

Utilise the genetic clones

A ‘master race’ free from strife

Something Bond could not condone

Jaws and Dolly do not measure up

An about turn helps the good side

Drax meets an end, short and abrupt

As Bond and Goodhead take a ‘space ride’…

The Bond Poetic – Episode 1.6 ‘The Forever Jewel’

(This and all episodes of the Bond Poetic are available as a Podcast (via Anchor/Spotify) and available on other podcast platforms like Apple and Google.)

Episode 6 of the Poetic versions following the James Bond Films starts with the three time Bond theme song singer Dame Shirley Bassey (Diamonds are Forever – this poem/film/ – Also Goldfinger & Moonraker).

The Forever Jewel

Connery returns; not forever

Diamonds are now on the menu

ESB needs to be sent to the never, never

Leiter is still part of Bond’s crew

Wint and Kidd are the hired guns

Whyte is  the man behind the money 

Too many Blofeld’s is no such fun

When smuggling tastes better than honey

In Amsterdam Bond is Franks

Can he pass the test?

Tiffany prefers to head to the bank

To Vegas then; they head there next

Are diamonds really real?

Nobody seems to know

Q, M, Leiter made the deal

Now it’s time for the ‘real’ show

Tiffany should have assisted Bond

In fear she hands the prize on

Fleeing is the same as to abscond

But realises her error must be undone

In Whyte’s house, Bond sees double

No; not Wint and Kidd

Bond is captured and put in a bubble

And then they close the lid

007 evades a certain death

He gets help from an old enemy

At Blofled’s lab they learn the depth

Of his Diamond laser satellite beam

Blofeld validates his weapon from on high

Nuclear sites reduced to rubble

Will the nations bow down to comply?

Or will Bond’s team; get them out of trouble?

An oil platform is the place to be

Explosions and bullets fly

ESB’s escapade ends at the bottom of the sea

Bond ensures Witt and Kidd also die…