The Bond Poetic – Episode 1.17 ‘Eyes Like Gold’

We are introduced to a new 007 in the shape of Pierce Brosnan – Originally selected for the Living Daylights (that Tim Dalton starred in) but due to contractual issues with (Remington Steele – the TV series) Brosnan couldn’t break his contract (I believe) – anyway here he is in his first Bond movie that also introduced one ‘super’ actor Dame Judy Dench as the new M…

All episodes of the Bond Poetic are available as a Podcast (via Anchor/Spotify) and available on other podcast platforms like Apple and Google.)

Eyes like GOLD…

Tina Turner opens the score

A new bond wants to be fierce

Gold once again comes to the fore

As we introduce, Brosnan, Mr. Pierce

Trevelyan assists Bond in the USSR

Russia is the baddie – no way!

Ourumov ensures Trevelyan doesn’t get far

Bond lives to fight another day…

Nine years go by

Janus is the group to stop

In Monte Carlo; 007 isn’t shy

When he meets with Xenia Onatopp

An EMP is set loose

M instructs Bond to investigate

Can they get Janus in their noose?

Or will MI6 be a little bit late…

A pulse space weapon is in play

Will two faces be seen?

Trevelyan is alive; and wants to have his say

On a financial meltdown; he is very keen

Bond is trapped with Natalya

The stolen tiger is to be their end

Escaping; then caught is another matter

As Dimitri Mishkin has a message to send

Ourumov is suspected by Dimitri

Natalya is living proof

Mishkin on the train; is done in

Bond escapes like magic – poof!

They head to Cuba by air

But bullets start to fly

Onatopp shoots; she doesn’t play fair

Bond and Natalya have ‘no time to die’..

007 finishes Onatopp for good

The secret base is under the lake

The plan;to light a fuse under the hood

And watch that satellite dish break

Bond fights his old friend

To save England and the world outside

Trevelyan meets a ‘falling’ end

As they say goodnight – to the GoldenEye…

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