The Bond Poetic – Episode 1.15 ‘Daylight Living’

A new 007 takes the form of Timothy Dalton as he stars in his first film reprising the now infamous 007 character. Bond faces a mixture of duplicity, the KGB and a lovely lady with a Cello….

All episodes of the Bond Poetic are available as a Podcast (via Anchor/Spotify) and available on other podcast platforms like Apple and Google.)

Daylight Living

Aha!, this is no time for reflection

This isn’t the time to appear dim

Its time to distort a defection

By our new Bond Mr Tim

A cellist,sniper, killer blonde

Koskov’s escape to the UK

The dangerous journey shouldn’t be long

007 will find a way

Death to Spies reignites 

Its MI6 versus the KGB

Koskov is captured- losing the fight

004 is no longer – his body under siege

Bond sets out to play the Cello

The defection was a smoke screen

Bond finds Kara and says hello

Dodging the KGB they escape – clean

Pushkin and Whitaker make a pact

Arms that generates cash

Saunders helps, but doesn’t make the 2nd act

To Tangier for Bond, who makes a dash

So who  is the bad guy here?

Is Koskov really on the sly?

What Bond learns leaves him in fear

No more defection, it’s time for Koskov to die

Koskov tricks Kara over 007

Opium is now the cash cow

On a plane up high, not quite heaven

Bond and Pushkin must act now

Shah is released to offer aid

They attack the Russian air base

The drugs blow up- no one gets paid

Whitaker is Bonds next case

In Tangier Whitaker meets his end

Koskov is caught by Pushkin

Kara performs; one last message to send

In her dressing room Kara + Bond = kissing…

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