POETIC Christmas Cheer?

For less than the price of your favourite coffee or tea – a longer lasting present to gift your friends and family for the reduced short term price of £0.99 (check Amazon from Friday Dec 4th) for the reduced price for POEMS FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON

In the US this will be available at $0.99 (again for a short period only) hopefully from tomorrow.

Book premise:

25 Poems for each day of December to Christmas Day that offer a typical, or sometimes whimsical look at this season of unified madness, greed, desperation, sadness, unmitigated child-like joy with a sprinkling of love, compassion and togetherness with an overriding sense of Christianity as the icing on your Xmas cake. My gift to all.

A taster – (December 1st)

Christmas Time (again!)

So its ho ho ho

And a bottle of rum

Its time for the show

And fill our tums


No holding back

We’re at full pelt

No time to slack

Otherwise the snow will melt


Must keep going

Spend, spend, spend

Keep that cash flowing

When will it end…


When the shops are empty

When the food is all gone

We’ll still be tempted

To carry on and on


Don’t worry about a thing

This madness is perfectly sane

A time to celebrate and sing

“Its Christmas time (again)”

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