The Wonder of Remembrance (Nov 11, 2020)

It started with a shooting

Sometime in 1914

Young men called into action

Some of them lied – still in their teens

The desire to protect ones family

The duty to overthrow oppression

The honour to defend ones country

The ability to start learning lessons

As the bombs have fallen

Over the last two great wars

The legacy of what remains

Can never ever be ignored

What are we trying to remember?

What is the benefit of this act?

Its to remember the lives and sacrifice

To remember; to survive we have to form a pact

We remember the freedom that their sacrifice gives

We remember the what they left behind

We offer our thanks from the bottom of our hearts

We hope this is what you have have seen – you can find

We know it is easy to forget

There are those times in life

When bravery and courage were aplenty

Selflessness and togetherness were rife

We tip our hats to all those men and women

Those who put themselves in arms way

This day belongs to all of you

As we celebrate your/our Remembrance Day…

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