With the Bond movie (no.25) delayed again until 2021, get your fix here with a poetic adaptation of the second in the franchise. Starting of course with the silky, dulcet tones of Matt Munroe ‘ From Russia With Love’. In today’s climate it all seems a million miles away from the title?

Read, muse, enjoy and look out for the next installment ; the man ‘who loves gold…

(2) Russian Love…

The second outing for 007

Delivered itself in nineteen sixty-three

For some; they were in spy heaven

$100m+ earned, showed many lapped it up with glee

From Matt Monroe’s lilting tone

You could be deceived by SPECTRE

Bond is supported; so not alone

As Rosa Klebb plans to get ya!

The fluttering eyelids of Romanova the clerk

Added glamour to the impending doom

The ‘golden’ Lektor sent all sides berserk

There’s never enough space in any ultimate spy room

With a journey to the east, to Turkey

007 moved quietly to seek assistance

In those tunnels that could be a jot murky

They didn’t find any resistance

On the Orient Express up close and personal

Psycho agent Grant removed Karim Bay

May his body and soul rest on eternal

As Bond has a ‘case’ to respond; without delay

Romanova remains torn, which side to select

Bond attempts to change her mind

Klebb has other ideas; ensuring she doesn’t defect

Only once choice left, as he’s now he’s out of time

Swift feet see’s Klebb attack 007

A poisoned metal tip in her shoe

They fight and dance and its only quarter past eleven

Romanova watches, not knowing what to do

A surge of bravery pushes through the clerk

In the tussle, Klebb loses her gun

Bond under the cosh, makes Klebb work

The Clerk fires it, and Klebb’s day is done..

JW Nelson ©2020

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