My Political Map…


The countdown begins in earnest

As May holds the main seat

A stuttering ‘Laboured’ approach

Has already left them facing defeat?

What about those from the ‘Kip’?

Are they back to square one?

Or will the Liberal crew rise up

And make us forget what partnership has done

Where’s Monster Raving what’s itsname?

I know the Greens are still here?

Our Scottish neighbours don’t want to be

The future uncertain and full of fear?


The unknown is the clouded view

Brexit with a myriad of permutations sorted that

Which way to turn is anyone’s guess

Maybe; ideas out of a hat?


Who can we trust with our Crown Jewels ?

Rail, Utilities the foreboding NHS?

Is nationalising the answer?

What would you the people suggest?


The June date is on the horizon

Our fate and security in Westminster’s hands

Think we’ll now and for the future

To ensure we’ve chosen the right plan


A crucial step is now ready

Where will you ‘X’ your box?

The political equivalent could rein

When the hens are seized by the fox?


Do our utmost is all we can do

Making our own well informed choice

Can each of our votes really make a difference?

Do nothing and they’ll never hear your voice…


J.W. Nelson

June 2017

whats the time mr Wolf






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