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Qualities of Life (for a Happy New Year!)

QUALITIES OF LIFE (all year round)

               Always be tidy

              Always be clean

              Always be generous

              Never be mean


              Do your best for your neighbour

              Do your best for your friends

              Do your best for all concerned         

              And respect for you will never end


              Try to be humble

              Try to be meek

              Try to be reasonable

              As this is what we all seek


              We strive for perfection

              We strive to do our very best

              We strive for all our lives

              To pass life’s hardest test


              To live with one another

              In peace and harmony

              If we each do our little bit

              Then maybe one day-we’ll all be free…

Wishing everyone across the globe the happiest of new years considering were most of us are. Keeping a positive frame of mind as much as we can for ourselves and each other. J W Nelson.

A CHILD IS BORN (from Poems for the Festive Season)

Your day or reckoning is here! – well that is a little melodramatic – but yes its a day of hopeful joy, togetherness and time with loved ones. Enjoy yours as best you can. Happy Christmas and new year to you all.

A Child is Born

A  story from far, far away

Told of a young baby born in hay

Surrounded by the spirit of power

That came down from heaven in an invisible shower


It was cold everywhere outside

No one wanted to help, instead they’d hide

Keeping mother and baby at bay

Until kindness showed them where they could stay


Little did anyone but a few know

The prince that god through Mary did bestow

A future to help save sinful mankind

A role of great importance it would not be a bind


The carrier of peace in his heart

He would do this right from the start

Doing all he could across the world

To man, woman, boy and girl


At this time special time of year

We do well to remember; to shed a tear

For an ultimate sacrifice displayed

The debt of our sins, he paid


Let’s not mourn but celebrate

By honouring, not to berate

Joining family, friends and the needy

Reflecting on not becoming too greedy


Share amongst the magic of this time

With good food and maybe some wine

The universal spirit that from this will spawn

Brings us back to why the child was born.

The Big Day (from Poems for the Festive Season)

Its the day before. Anticipation reins supreme in many households across the globe. This year that anticipation may well be tempered by what we’ve had to endure. Yet as the cliché line states ‘ life goes on’ or in some cases ‘ the show must go on’, as we do this we remember the fallen, and quietly appreciate what we have.

The Big Day 

With patient trepidation

The big day finally arrives

 Partaken by the Christian nation

Whatever we do is no longer a surprise


The children awake early

Eager and excited as can be

Wives and girlfriends rise to the yearning

‘I wander what he’s got me?’


Then to the presents to unveil

Our patience is tested once again

Some expressions go from pink to pale

As the gifts are ranked one out of ten


The kitchen is now the key

Too many cooks to spoil?

The pressure mounts on you and me

As we haven’t used enough oil


The grand meal is served on time

The drinks have flowed all day

We cooked turkey and fish with a squeeze of lime

There is enough to last until May


Pulling crackers and wearing silly hats

All part of the Christmas theme

Stories regaled about this and that

Becomes the after dinner Christmas scene


Drunk with booze, full with food

Everyone goes through the motions

The effort of getting in the annual Christmas mood

Must be the best secret of many a potion…                

December 24th 2020

Christmas Wish (Poems for the Festive Season)

Christmas Wish – your festive poetic diversion for December 23rd, 2020

Christmas Wish

What is your desire?

What would you care for most?

Your spirits to be higher?

A special gift received through the post?


Whatever you would wish for

May come round at any time soon

In the night and through your door

Delivered on a starry night lit also by the moon


Hope and pray this is it

You will get your Christmas wish

Be happy with a scarf and some mits

Complimented with your favourite Christmas dish!

The Snowman Slides In (from Poems for the Festive Season)

Its the last week in what has been a tumultuous year for most of us around the globe for reason or another. In this last week leading to what will be a different Christmas, here something that hopefully put a smile on your face.

This is for Monday Dec 21st – I will send out the Tues Dec 22nd later today and one for the next 3 days (if anyone will read anything on Christmas Day!)

The Snowman Slides In…

From the top, where it’s high

He goes on the slippery slope

Deliberately weaving from side to side

I reckon this Snowman is dope


Shades sit in front of his beady eyes

Covering half his chubby face

He begins to increase his speed

In hopes of winning the race


Faster faster, you hear him shout

The crowd responds with a chilling cheer

Up and down and over humps

He begins to smile with nothing to fear


The end is now in sight

The challengers are on his back

He’s trips one of them up

Now its time to attack


Leading from the front

Across the finish line he wins!

The coolest of all dudes

Is the Snowman that slides in…

December 2020

Book review and Interview with J W Nelson

For the a short read of the 5 star review and to see what JW Nelson thinks about writing in general, and how creating stories, building plots and how he comes up with the names of his characters; see the two links below:

Book Review Link

JW Nelson Interview Link:

I’m happy to answer further questions if anyone has any or any comments!

Thanks and Seasons Greetings to you all.

JW Nelson

My 12 Days of Christmas…

The Partridge is stuck in a tree

What should we do?        

Sing a song, get down one knee?

I could swear I did see two


Oops, sorry that was the Turtle Doves

Yes, there are two of those

Christmas is something everyone loves

Some Turkey and garlic of cloves?


Non! Say the French.

It has to be the trois hens

Don’t agree, be left on the bench

Watch them eat; only through your lens


No fear though,

The four birds outside are calling

Joined by a man, saying, ho, ho, ho

On a sleigh, in the sky, now falling


You throw him five golden rings

Santa needs presents too

Bet you didn’t know he can really sing

There’s so much more he can do


Work his magic on the geese

All six of them lay eggs

The golden ovals represent signs of peace

At this time; no one should ever need to beg


But the water is cold

And the seven swans keep swimming

Wrap up warm, don’t be bold

And your cupboards will be brimming


The eight maids will provide the milk

There’s plenty to go around

Frankincense is replaced by silk

Your footing is now solid, sound


As you celebrate this time of year

And watch nine ladies dance

The ones you love for and care

Surround us and join in the prance


On tiptoes so you can join in

In the circle with the ten lords leaping

Did they have a few shots of Gin?

No, its okay, its all part of the meeting


Moving and swaying to the piper’s tune

The eleven pipe as best they can

Sometime, later that afternoon

They heard the beat of the drumming man


Twelve to be exact

Drumming, drum, drum

Twelve days is a long time to keep up this act

So I say to you all; just go out and have some fun!

POETIC Christmas Cheer?

For less than the price of your favourite coffee or tea – a longer lasting present to gift your friends and family for the reduced short term price of £0.99 (check Amazon from Friday Dec 4th) for the reduced price for POEMS FOR THE FESTIVE SEASON

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Book premise:

25 Poems for each day of December to Christmas Day that offer a typical, or sometimes whimsical look at this season of unified madness, greed, desperation, sadness, unmitigated child-like joy with a sprinkling of love, compassion and togetherness with an overriding sense of Christianity as the icing on your Xmas cake. My gift to all.

A taster – (December 1st)

Christmas Time (again!)

So its ho ho ho

And a bottle of rum

Its time for the show

And fill our tums


No holding back

We’re at full pelt

No time to slack

Otherwise the snow will melt


Must keep going

Spend, spend, spend

Keep that cash flowing

When will it end…


When the shops are empty

When the food is all gone

We’ll still be tempted

To carry on and on


Don’t worry about a thing

This madness is perfectly sane

A time to celebrate and sing

“Its Christmas time (again)”

December 1st…

In remembrance; for what we had and for what we have lost; my ode to never forget; as you lay in that December frost…

EARTH Mother, LOVETH ;Other

Spiritual holiness does she emit

Patient, comforting forgiveness pours out

Oh how blessed is her radiation that atomises us

Powerful, uncompromising tenacity imbues the mind to turn away from the pit

Righteous discipline, voices quietly, without

Alas, through biblical motherly love we are saved, thus