Monthly Archives: February 2016

All about me? Say hello to…

Why not I’m a writer

I don’t box, so I’m no fighter

Like to boogie when I get chance

And by the way it means I like to dance


Like being happy and never sad

My occuptaion is being more than a dad

Never naughty so no ending up in court

Enjoy going to the gym and playing many sports


Enjoy the taste of food, especially spiced lamb

Yes I’m the man from the midlands – Yes that’s Birmingham

No hiding in my family of six

Growing up was like a certain film – maybe the Matrix?


The blue pill guided my path, my life

Doors opened, I found a job and my wife

The red pill meant having a boy and a girl

Precocious little blighters, make up our small world


I have always wanted to write

To have the ability to excite

Involve, stimulate and entertain 

That’s the target, that is my gain


Hello from JW Nelson – a poetic set piece about me and who I am and try to be.


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