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Christmas MEAT (ING)…

Stuff the Turkey

Roast the Chicken

Goose fat ‘tatoes are murky

Tasty though, they’re finger lickin’


Luscious leg of Lamb

Georgous side of Gammon

Sausages wrapped in ham

Oh, and don’t forget the freshly caught Salmon


Pluck the Pheasant, Goose or Duck

Tantalise taste buds with some wine based jus

Order now, or be out of luck

Supplant the potatoes  with Cous Cous?


Not just meat, we all need greens

Broccoli and Brussels light up our plate

The earth will be a better place to be seen

In the global food climate debate


Add some carrots, roast parsnips too

Compliment the diet with a variety in types of sauce

A tender cut of beautiful Beef wont make you moo

Just make sure that your’e not eating horse…


Complete your prep, with a sweet tooth in mind

Cream, pastry, chocolate are on the festive menu

Look hard enough and I’m sure you’ll find

Some of us searching for the loo!


Christmas is now around the bend

Prepare well, include plenty of seating

Seek out the tablets to put you on the mend

As you partake in your chosen Christmas MEAT (ing)!


Have a poetic Christmas with a poem for 25 days @ (amazon)

The Journey (the 4th in the Tube Traveller Diaries)


st panc

Where I arrive and leave…


Where to start

maybe at the beginning

Train was late

Left my head spinning


worried about the underground

headache on the way

change of plans in effect

Taxi – is now the order of the day


missed the rocking and rolling

the warm stuffy atmosphere

missed the close proximity

of not being on board there




exit St. Pancras

waiting ages for mr. black cab

we debated the scrouge of Mr Uber

the conversation was anything but drab



heading for a Brunei owned park lane hotel

I only do upmarket you see

the doorman open my taxi door

there I was, out stepped, little old me


the deed was done

the return was now planned

Green Park Tube was calling me

for today however; the tube was banned

green park

The name actually makes sense…parks are usually green…

maybe on another day

me and my TFL travellers will unite

enjoying the flexible JOURNEY

that operates any day and any night..


All together now?

Are we really?

Doesn’t seem like it any more

Words cannot express how;

To save your life you play dead on the floor


Are these events last week Paris

The tipping point in this thousand years war

The undercurrent simmering like a now erupting volcano

For which we’d better find an ice cold cure


Are we really all that different

Aren’t we blood, veins, muscle and sinew?

Do we vent like Andrew Neil

In an verbal attempt to not let this madness continue


Are we preventing rather than cure

Getting to the root, planting the right seeds

A careful, meticulous response is a possible thrust

In hopes of developing non-violent, religious agnostic deed


Are we the last generation to consume

Such vociferous, rabid disdain and utter hate

The mind boggles at the inhumanity displayed

There’s nothing we want to eat now that’s on our plate


Are we going to find answers in; bombs; bullets; diplomacy?

Whatever shape or form they might be

Look to the US, UK, China, Russia, France, the UN etal

The eyes of the world have been opened for all to see


Are we to view the horizon with genuine hope

A conglomeration of the best minds, tactics and strategy

Getting to very heart of a fiercely religious, dedicated group

A solution lies in educating the youngest of babies


So are we really all together?

This HAS to be resolved in the time to come

Every facet of human existence must be exhausted

We all deserve to walk freely and not have to run


Are we there yet?

There is much strength and endurance in a feather

A whisper in the right ear can be heard across the globe

It’s message rings out loud ‘We are ALL together’