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Dream Girl

Out of the blue it seemed

I saw a beautiful girl, or was it a dream

If this is real I cannot wait

Must pluck up courage, ask her out on a date

Plan my attack, plan what to say

Time is short, I only have one day

The time will come, and come soon

I’ll ask her to meet me at Benzaro’s at noon

As the tension began to build,

I couldn’t hold it much longer

Emotions increasing,

Getting ever stronger

There she was as gorgeous as can be

It was only a dream, and i needed a wee!!


T.O.W.N (The Overt Winter Night)

What does it mean when the temperature falls?

What does it mean when you are cold?

What does it mean

To the man

                              In the hall?

                              Does it mean

                              He is bold?

                              What does it

                              take to find

                              Heat. What

                              Does it take

                             To have flight.

                             What does it

                             Take to admit

                             Defeat. All it

                             Takes is an

                             Overt Winters


The Flight of Dance

Eyes transfixed, looking from the top down

Mesmerised as bodies intertwined

His with hers, hers with his

They were only of one mind

                   An expectant audience drew breath

                     As her head hurtled towards the dance-floor

A safe pair of arms and hands

Could not deny her aura anymore

Two turns, bodies completely in sync

Her hypnotic sweet odour consumed

For him to never let her go

As though they were the only two people in the room

She slid furtively across his back

He spun on his toes to face

Inches apart, hearts beating

They drew closer, ready for their embrace

Intensely their fingers interlock

Gripped by unbridled emotions

She leaps like a gazelle

It was poetry in motion

The final curtain call arrives

Finely balanced like a bird on a beam

Did time fly palpably so fast?

And was this dance just another dream…

The Faceless Crowd

They seek to be seen

          Invisibility is their shroud, their cloak

Oh do not our eyes deceive?

          The throat of a hand, the hand on the throat?

Who can touch what is not there

 Can you mingle in their midst?

The soft of shoe move stealthily minus a jingle

And steals the gifts, by giving  gifts to steal

The fight to be recognised goes on and on

Anonymity can reign supreme

Stand up, get noticed, let them see the whites of you eyes

If we can see you, that you can certainly see me

EARTH Mother, LOVETH Other

Spiritual holiness does she emit

Patient, comforting forgiveness pours out

Oh how blessed is her radiation that atomises us

Powerful, uncompromising tenacity imbues the mind to turn away from the pit

Righteous discipline, voices quietly, without

Alas, through biblical motherly love we are saved, thus

Present name called nothing

How do you ask for me?

Or would you do ask for a phone

Right away you would look silly

Accept it, otherwise its now yours to bemoan

Count your blessings i’d advise

Eat humble pie if needs be

Cook it for 20 minutes is to be wise

Apple is my favourite, yes that’s the key

Roll on then, as your present gift oozes heat

Lets be of good cheer, as the man with no name is who you’re about to meet..

Tube Traveller Diaries (3rd Journey – No Destination in Sight)

Down town..?

Down town..?

I leave my train at St Pancras

Cruise down the multiple steps up ahead

A little jog, takes care of my energy  blast

Luckily I didn’t fall and end up in a hospital bed

Where I arrive and leave...

Where I arrive and leave…

So I’m on the underground

I feel safe and have no fear

My morning juices abound

Now I realise that everyone else is on here


As I board, eyes avert mine

That’s okay,  I shouldn’t really care

Everything is normal, the day will be fine

As the man calls out ‘ next stop Russell Square’

It's round not square?

It’s round not square?

The tube lurches forward, then suddenly back

The old couple opposite look tired and worn

As the door ‘slides open’ passengers leave as a pack

The voice throughout echoes ‘ Next Stop is Holborn’

Sounds like a biscuit?

Sounds like a biscuit?

I look at the map above

To see what stop should be next

Covent Garden flew by like a dove

Now Its left me all perplexed

Secrets are kept here...

Secrets are kept here…

Ignoring my twilight zone reverie

I stand proud holding on as firm as I dare

I clock two senior ladies looking at me

The time passes rapidly as we’re at Leicester Square

Is Leicester Square? Is the world flat?

Is Leicester Square? Is the world flat?

They left me with two wry smiles

Nothing wrong in that

Piccadilly Circus was less than a mile

I had the warm glow of a Cheshire Cat

The world get pickled and it becomes a circus...

The world get pickled and it becomes a circus…

Entering my transient world from outside they came

A man that resembled Iron Man, or at last Mr Stark

Dodgy shaved beard and moustache that was lame

As the TFL transport arrived at Green Park

The name actually makes sense...parks are usually green...

The name actually makes sense…parks are usually green…

Motoring towards the my journeys end

I finally sat down like Little Jack Horner

After we left, the tube went around a bend

And ended up at stationed at Hyde Park Corner

A great place to play the all time favourite child's game of Hyde and seek!

A great place to play the all time favourite child’s game of Hyde and seek!

My time on here began to recede

With my mental energy on the wealthy heritage

The years of legacy held within written deeds

Must mean that I’m nearing Knightsbridge

When the realms had their Knights who travelled over the bridge (not Stamford...)

When the realms had their Knights who travelled over the bridge (not Stamford…)

Oh well its the last stop for me

My legs push me up like a leaping toad

Maybe I’ll you tell about what I see

When I return from my end destination; Gloucester Road

End of the Road...

End of the Road…

When I can afford my return ticket I will be in touch!